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The Ormondian is just what its name suggests: a voice for the students of Ormond. From the satirical to the serious, we poke fun and provoke thought on a fortnightly basis. We welcome contributions from all with the impulse to write or draw, providing a creative outlet for anyone with something to say.

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tough mudder 7

The Mudder Duckers

| Briefing, Ormondian | No Comments

On the 14th of September 2013, the Mudder Duckers paid $140 each to run through mud, crawl through tunnels and under barbed wire, jump off planks, dive under ice, and…


Start Me Up

| Briefing, Ormondian | No Comments

Talking innovation with ex-Ormondian Ed Hooper Strolling across the vibrant, co-working space The York Butter Factory, it is clear that Ed Hooper has come far in the five short years…

Women, Work, Wisdom

| Opinion, Ormondian | No Comments

The Orma’am dinner a few weeks ago was a wonderful celebration of the female mentors who have shaped who we are or what we aspire to be. It was also…


My Week of Terror

| Creative, Ormondian | No Comments

  Monday 9th September, 11.50pm The soft rustle of paper on carpet rouses me from a meditative slumber. Immediately my senses sharpen. My fists clench with anticipation. My mouth dries…