2013 July 13


Planting the Seed

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Advocacy in the Heart of Melbourne

The first thing David Millar points out to us is the Mont Blanc store across the road from the Verandah Café in Collins Street. “I used to own four pens from there,” he says, as he beckons a waitress over. “The cheapest pen they sell is around six hundred dollars. And it’s made of plastic,” David adds. He likes having that store across the road to remind him of the ostentatious wealth that sits side by side with the disadvantage that riddles Melbourne’s CBD. Read More



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Spring Breakers is the most bizarrely lecherous and plainly appalling film I have seen in probably two years. The last time I wanted a film to end this badly, I was watching Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere and had aggressive diarrhoea. But what if this 90 minutes of cringe-worthiness is a successful attempt at satire? The Age critic Ed Gibbs  says that if you even have to ask this question, you’ve missed the point. Read More


Room To Think – change

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In every institution I have entered, my year level has been the guinea pig for a new facility. In primary school, we were the first to stain the carpets of ‘Building A’ with our Texta nibs and sandwich crumbs. In high school, we were the first into the ‘Lyceum’, a split-story building that seated fifty-two in a classroom – their poster child for a new model of ‘integrated learning’. Read More


Room To Think – rooms

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The stability of the roof is something most Ormondians assume is a fact. The plaster pile on my floor seemed more likely to be a mess of my own creation. However, the gaping hole in my ceiling meant my only option was to head home for the Mother’s Day weekend. With my room in need of repairs, the College arranged temporary accommodation. Read More