2013 September 06


Monday Movies – Frances Ha

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I don’t exactly know how it came about, but suddenly our beloved Generation Y is the newest cultural fad. I recently ventured to Frances Ha, the latest in this influx of discourse surrounding the horror/terror/awkward that is being in your twenties and having no idea what comes next. Read More


Garma 2013

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The Garma and Bawaka experience is something that one person can’t really summarise because it’s such a personal experience. So rather than getting one of us to describe our personal highs and lows of the trip, we have banded together to bring you some short messages, photos and memories. Whether this program strikes you as realistic, tokenistic, positive, intellectually stimulating or simply stupid, know that it will challenge you. You will leave with more questions than answers and the realization that reconciliation is one hell of a job. Read More


Monday Movies

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Amour (Michael Haneke)

Dubbed ‘the feel good movie of the year’*, Amour explores the extraordinary suffering that love can inflict. Anne (Emmanuelle Riva) suffers a stroke and attempts to hold on to her dignity and grace as her body degenerates in front of her enduring and loving husband, Georges. Read More


Kicking Goals

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The sun is low in the sky. It’s just rising. The morning is cold but not as cold as your fingers. You breathe in the smell of fresh grass and take a good look at the red Sherrin in your hands.

Ahhh. Footy training with the girls. Read More


Master of the Gong

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I do not write to you today to merely apply for the position of ‘Master of the Gong’. I will not even indulge in such nonsense. I am writing to you today to sell you a dream.

I must admit to you today, my dear GC, I have been living a lie. You have come to know me as Joel Paterson. But this has been a façade to cover my true intentions in coming to Ormond College. Read More


Life at VCA

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Ben Provest:

Just imagine a selection of Melbourne’s most passionate and enthusiastic artists congregated in Australia’s cultural capital with a shared vision of creating innovative art. I’m talking about contemporary performers, composers, dancers, actors, painters, and sculptors harvesting their creations nine til five each day of the week. Inspired yet? Read More


Just Google It

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I’ve wanted to write an Ormondian article since early on in semester one. BUT, if you’re going to write something worth reading, it’s best to be excited by what you’re writing – right?

So… Google “interesting discussion points.” Enter. Click. Read More