My Week of Terror

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Monday 9th September, 11.50pm

The soft rustle of paper on carpet rouses me from a meditative slumber. Immediately my senses sharpen. My fists clench with anticipation. My mouth dries with fear. My eyes dart across the room, quickly scanning my accumulated supplies of home brand Nutella and green tea. Check. Enough bottled water within the room for the next 48 hours? Check. My eyes flick down to the document surreptitiously slipped under my door. It just seems so easy, doesn’t it? To take a life? But how can you overcome your own demons and slay your target when the shadow of paranoia and desperation lurks at every corner, fear nipping at your heels? Read More


Chapter 1 – The Search Begins

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I settle on my couch. Mac and cheese bowl by my side provides me with the nutrition I need to brainstorm. My life source is slowly depleting as I wrack my brain for something witty and charming to put into my book. Despite my good intentions the next few hours pass with little productivity. Cat seems strangely friendly, rubbing up against my legs like the saucy little minx she is. Daringly I stroke her back, she responds with a well aimed claw to the eye. Read More

The Ultimate Ormondian

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Mouth – Amani Green

Amani means communication. Or so we’re told. Over and over.

Left Eye – Dinu Kumarasinghe

Diversity is a College Value. No one sees the world like Dinu does.

Right Eye – Alex Cameron

The eye of the wooing, like the Basilisk but instead of dying you fall in love.

Nose – Ebony Westman

The life of the party and the party of life, Ebony loves to rail shard off challenging surfaces.

Ears – Caitlin Clifford

Caitlin is a really great listener, especially when she’s the one talking.

Hair – Arthur Rothery

Soft as silk with a bounce like a hopped up kangaroo, Arthur’s hair is the envy of the shampoo and conditioner industry.

Forehead – Will Mosley

For most, the forehead is a wasted stretch of face. With his, Mosley commands a room.

Jaw – Matt Brown

Matt has often said the basis of a good relationship is mutual trust, friendship and stellar facial structure.

Cheek bones – Jules O’Donnell

A man is only as good as the height of his cheekbones, and Jules is one of the goodest and the highest.


Lois and the Bear

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Over the summer, Ormondians wrote short stories to an idea for a story F. Scott Fitzgerald left behind in a notebook, Lois and the Bear. The winning submission is published below and the runner-up will be published online soon. Keep your eyes peeled for further writing competitions.

Loïs ambled towards the tree line in the distance. As he walked his feet kicked up small plumes of dust. The untidy bands of green and brown weren’t actually very far away, but to him they looked amorphous and indistinct. It was scenery that didn’t strike him as being particularly breathtaking, or even nice. Not that Loïs was ever terribly descriptive. Read More