Women, Work, Wisdom

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The Orma’am dinner a few weeks ago was a wonderful celebration of the female mentors who have shaped who we are or what we aspire to be. It was also an occasion for reflecting on what it means to grow up female and what work is still to be done in terms of gender equality in the twenty-first century. Around the table sat women from all different generations, ranging from grandmothers to mothers, sisters to close friends. Over the course of the evening, we shared stories about girlhood and university life, and listened to anecdotes about motherhood and the world of work. Read More


Give and Take

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“All the good causes are taken,” a student complained to her friend after they’d waited for twenty minutes in line to get a free sausage from the Refugee Rights Club barbeque during O-Week. Just about everyone had put their name down for something and the lists were looking pretty full (as were the bins full of wrappers of lollipops used as bribes). Read More

Kaz Cooke

Girl Stuff, Boy Stuff

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I was thirteen when my mother gave me Girl Stuff for Christmas. I remember looking at the bright blue cover and refusing to take a bar of it. The swirly pink writing and implication that I would be interested in anything girly was just downright offensive, thank-you-very-much. After all I was thirteen, well on my way to womanhood and fairly confident that I already knew everything there was to know about anything. Read More

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Good Girls Gone Bad?

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When we first watched Avril Lavigne’s new video clip, “Rock N Roll”, we once again bemoaned the tragically sexualised state of the music industry. Avril’s lesbian kiss with Danica McKellar in the middle of the clip seemed just another example of female singers mindlessly pandering to the patriarchy. Danica McKellar, by the way, is a child-actor-turned-mathematician (she graduated UCLA with a theorem named after her), who made a well-received Hollywood comeback as a guest star in The West Wing, only to plummet in our estimation by macking Avril onscreen – surely for the enjoyment of the male viewer. Read More


Garma 2013

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The Garma and Bawaka experience is something that one person can’t really summarise because it’s such a personal experience. So rather than getting one of us to describe our personal highs and lows of the trip, we have banded together to bring you some short messages, photos and memories. Whether this program strikes you as realistic, tokenistic, positive, intellectually stimulating or simply stupid, know that it will challenge you. You will leave with more questions than answers and the realization that reconciliation is one hell of a job. Read More


Kicking Goals

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The sun is low in the sky. It’s just rising. The morning is cold but not as cold as your fingers. You breathe in the smell of fresh grass and take a good look at the red Sherrin in your hands.

Ahhh. Footy training with the girls. Read More


Life at VCA

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Ben Provest:

Just imagine a selection of Melbourne’s most passionate and enthusiastic artists congregated in Australia’s cultural capital with a shared vision of creating innovative art. I’m talking about contemporary performers, composers, dancers, actors, painters, and sculptors harvesting their creations nine til five each day of the week. Inspired yet? Read More