Monday Movies – Frances Ha

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I don’t exactly know how it came about, but suddenly our beloved Generation Y is the newest cultural fad. I recently ventured to Frances Ha, the latest in this influx of discourse surrounding the horror/terror/awkward that is being in your twenties and having no idea what comes next. Read More


Monday Movies

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Amour (Michael Haneke)

Dubbed ‘the feel good movie of the year’*, Amour explores the extraordinary suffering that love can inflict. Anne (Emmanuelle Riva) suffers a stroke and attempts to hold on to her dignity and grace as her body degenerates in front of her enduring and loving husband, Georges. Read More



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Spring Breakers is the most bizarrely lecherous and plainly appalling film I have seen in probably two years. The last time I wanted a film to end this badly, I was watching Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere and had aggressive diarrhoea. But what if this 90 minutes of cringe-worthiness is a successful attempt at satire? The Age critic Ed Gibbs  says that if you even have to ask this question, you’ve missed the point. Read More



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Everyone knows St Kilda for the beach and its laid-back culture. After all, it’s the home of Melbourne’s icons: the Pier and Luna Park, St Kilda Fest and the Espy, and of course, Paul Kelly’s “Sweet Promenade”.

Stepping off the 96 and feeling the tickle of the seaside breeze, it’s easy to think you’ve stepped into a different Melbourne.

Cross St Kilda Road and you’re in a different St Kilda; the twin that’s quirkier, grungier and urban. Some call it hipster and they’re probably right: there’s an excess of buttoned top-buttons, instagrammed photos, and first-hand op-shop clothes. Read More

Sandwich Review

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The Triple Decker


If you want a sandwich that’s going to fill you up, this is the one you go for. It’s probably got your protein and dairy intake for the day. Or maybe just your fat intake.

What’s in it? Two slices of white bread, a layer of salami, ham, and chicken. All layers are separated by cheese (half melted), and the middle deck is a piece of wholemeal bread, to keep it nutritious. Read More


Outside the Bubble

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So it’s getting to that time of semester: you envisaged having explored Melbourne by now, but then Ormond happened. Why not set aside a day this week to test my template for a downtown frolic?

Bikes make everything more fun, so get hold of one if you can. I recommend some kind of windcheater as well; even if it doesn’t seem too cold out, it will when the air’s rushing straight through your sleeves. Melbourne winter hss got bite, and it’s coming, so be prepared. Read More

barber logo


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Today, urban consumer life can be an impersonal experience. Grocery shopping sans human interaction is business-as-usual. The checkout chick was kidnapped by Siri and the gang. Now she’s a bussy at Room 680 and spends her nights sobbing uncontrollably. While I can’t save her, my mission is to rediscover one of the last vessels of communal transactions: the barbershop. Read More