O Week Perspectives

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Drenched in paint, adrenalin bubbling and teeth set in a crazed grin, I craned my neck, alongside a crowd of similarly liberated Freshers, to stare in wonder at fireworks blooming above me and I couldn’t help but feel like I’d stepped into a different dimension. Then Lygonathon, Mystique Ball, the escapades of BOB, the Amazing Race, and (I’ll call favourite on this) Study Suppers, the most epic romp of creativity most Freshers had ever experienced in a single night. Read More

1134604 - Zero Dark Thirty

Zero Dark Thirty but srsly

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Zero Dark Thirty’s ethical controversy is right on time: Freshers are flicking through Michael Sandel’s Justice, Asspro Black is cracking knuckles for another round of seminars and Brian Fantana has become a facebook diplomat in the name of sustainability. But instead of the moral consequences of coin-operated machinery, the film offers us torture, a theme that permeates its opening sequence with images of waterboarding, sexual humiliation and sleep deprivation. But where does it stand on the issue? Read More

First of Lasts

My First of Lasts

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Saturday night marked the beginning of the end of my time at Ormond. Perhaps a slightly downcast way of looking at 2013 and the year ahead, but Commencement Dinner was my first of lasts at Ormond. It is the last time that I will get to begin a year in the Great Hall, with Dumbledore inspiring me to start a revolution and bring down evil overlords in fiery anarchy. Read More