Chapter 1 – The Search Begins

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I settle on my couch. Mac and cheese bowl by my side provides me with the nutrition I need to brainstorm. My life source is slowly depleting as I wrack my brain for something witty and charming to put into my book. Despite my good intentions the next few hours pass with little productivity. Cat seems strangely friendly, rubbing up against my legs like the saucy little minx she is. Daringly I stroke her back, she responds with a well aimed claw to the eye. Read More


How to Waste Time

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Sometimes I infuriate myself. I’ve got an hour between classes, and about 27 things I could do during that time: finish my economics blue sheet (provided the algebra isn’t too hideous), reply to a couple of emails, fill out a reimbursement form, vacuum my room, start referencing an essay due tomorrow … the options are plentiful. What do I do? Read an article on Huffpost about how to make really flavoursome guacamole. And then scroll down further, mentally taking sides in the epic comment battle between smooth and chunky dip-lovers. Meanwhile, the inflation-adjusted price of avocados remains uncalculated on my tutorial worksheet. Read More

Kaz Cooke

Girl Stuff, Boy Stuff

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I was thirteen when my mother gave me Girl Stuff for Christmas. I remember looking at the bright blue cover and refusing to take a bar of it. The swirly pink writing and implication that I would be interested in anything girly was just downright offensive, thank-you-very-much. After all I was thirteen, well on my way to womanhood and fairly confident that I already knew everything there was to know about anything. Read More


The Benefits of Dancing

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There are many benefits to dancing, a few of which I hope to unveil in this article and validate with empirical, meticulously investigated evidence – as well as personal experience.

Dancing may be defined as rhythmic bodily movement to a beat, ambience, or drug induced euphoria. While it is a common practice among many age, socio-economic, and political groups, it is not often that one sits down with an Irish coffee and a gluten free cookie to think long and hard on the benefits that dancing offers. Read More

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Good Girls Gone Bad?

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When we first watched Avril Lavigne’s new video clip, “Rock N Roll”, we once again bemoaned the tragically sexualised state of the music industry. Avril’s lesbian kiss with Danica McKellar in the middle of the clip seemed just another example of female singers mindlessly pandering to the patriarchy. Danica McKellar, by the way, is a child-actor-turned-mathematician (she graduated UCLA with a theorem named after her), who made a well-received Hollywood comeback as a guest star in The West Wing, only to plummet in our estimation by macking Avril onscreen – surely for the enjoyment of the male viewer. Read More

Implicit Bias

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What is Implicit Bias?

  • Gender stereotypes are understood to be culturally-shared, socially constructed heuristics about who men and women are, arguing that attributes associated with women are learned beliefs established from a young age.
  • This raises the conundrum that, despite the aforementioned encouraging findings of explicit attitudes, learned gender stereotypes and associated traits continue to affect the way in which we perceive the abilities of women in the workforce, with unconscious decisions causing split-second stereotyping. Read More

Monday Movies – Frances Ha

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I don’t exactly know how it came about, but suddenly our beloved Generation Y is the newest cultural fad. I recently ventured to Frances Ha, the latest in this influx of discourse surrounding the horror/terror/awkward that is being in your twenties and having no idea what comes next. Read More