Our New GC members

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Scout Boxall

Scout Boxall is the Female Fresher Rep for 2013. When not chairing OCERC meetings, she may be found sealing letters to Stephen Fry inside coke bottles and sending them to the Motherland. She may seem like the quintessential indie gal, but to pigeonhole her would be a mistake. Her interests are diverse: she’ll happily sip a mug of tea over a book of poetry, but she’d have way more fun smashing Eminem in a rap-battle. Or shutting the bathroom door and running the shower until she’s made a swimming pool, #sustainability. Or dropping out of Uni to write Stephen Fry’s biography. In 2013, she plans to inaugurate the Ormond T-Res Pool Toy Acquisition Sub (no, she’s not a t-res), and be a voice for her fellow first years on the General Committee. Down the track, she’d be content to live in a bin on the street near Stephen Fry’s house.

Fraser Jones

Fraser Cat Jones’ middle name isn’t really ‘Cat’, but he sometimes he wishes it was. A country boy at heart, he enjoys peace and solitude: for him, nothing beats sitting with a kitty asleep at his feet, knitting or softly strumming his banjitar. Recognising a kindred spirit, he would turn gay for Robin Hood and happily live out his days in a tent on Wyselaskie Lawn. In the meantime, as a Non-Res, he brainstorms other innovative places to sleep. This year, he hopes to play basketball (Chris Paul’s parents watched him play once, if that means anything to you), perform at an Open Mic Night, and be a good representative for both Freshers and Non-Res on the General Committee. He may not get them cars, but he’ll try for lockers.

Ellie Ryan

Two main factors indicate that Ellie will initiate a leadership spill before the end of Jesse’s term as Chair:

1. She’s from Canberra, Australia’s Backstabbing Capital.

2. She does gender studies, and therefore is planning a feminist revolution.

Kitted out in her intersex glasses and armed with a four-colour pen, Ellie is ready to take on the world. She’s often heard making BRCs from inside inanimate objects, but don’t worry, that’s only at Smokos. The rest of the time, she just makes them in her regular clothes. Most famous for her Facebook persona, this year, Ellie hopes to maintain her hilarious online presence, without neglecting her primary duties: reforming Students’ Club finances and turning you all into Union hacks.