Literotica: The Sandwich Comes First

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As she swiped herself into the servery and pushed her way through the cold, metal bars, she felt the heat pulsate from behind the glass partition. Her hands moved to grasp a plate; it was fresh from the dishwasher, warm and moist. The choice of meal was difficult; did she want a hot dog, or a salami sandwich? It was impossible to decide, but she felt herself drawn towards the sandwich bar. She couldn’t resist the throng of bodies, reaching for tongs and assembling meals.

It was warm, and she removed her jumper in preparation for the hard task at hand. She felt around for bread, and chanced upon a voluptuous loaf. It hadn’t yet been opened, and it was ready for the taking. With the two soft, doughy slices, she moved back across the bench, surveyed the options before her, and thrust out a hand towards the cheese. Once she had gently laid it on the supple square of bread, she continued to compile the sandwich. The beetroot dripped as she laid it onto the wet tomato; the bread was becoming damp. It was time to add the meat. It was the good salami today, slices of the big, thick variety. She placed them on the peak of the mound, and mounted the second slice atop it all.

It was perfect, a work of art. She clutched the sandwich as she made the journey towards the toasters, those two burning hot surfaces that everybody wanted their meal between. Opening and closing almost continually, she carefully laid the sandwich down and lowered the burning metal onto it. Now she waited. Those long, painful minutes were tearing her apart. She just wanted the sandwich to be in her, and could barely stand the seconds in between. Soon, the cheese was oozing out of the edges, and she knew it was time. She pushed the hot bread onto her plate, and walked into the Hall. She sat down and slid a knife down the middle. All the juices had melted together, and oozed out in the most gratifying manner. She picked it up and placed it straight into her mouth. She breathed a sigh of relief and satisfaction, and considered the option of briefly going back in to take a bite of a juicy apple. But that would have to wait. The sandwich came first.