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The stability of the roof is something most Ormondians assume is a fact. The plaster pile on my floor seemed more likely to be a mess of my own creation. However, the gaping hole in my ceiling meant my only option was to head home for the Mother’s Day weekend. With my room in need of repairs, the College arranged temporary accommodation. Luckily, as my room was declared unsafe, another became free.

So began my week in the Gables. With two floors, a double bed and a spiral staircase, the Gables room had more space than I knew what to do with. Exposed bricks and beams made it as classy as a New York loft and it was quieter than the George Scott Library. People are right that the stairs are a workout and it’s not quite as social, but I got more work done and loved living in what was once Main Building’s attic.

Despite wishing I could live there forever, eventually, my own room was again inhabitable and I returned to my shoebox, a former study bedroom where the sink’s use of space is more inconvenient than useful. I’ll admit I’ve been skeptical of MB251 since day one, when I arrived with plenty of books, like any Lit major, to find no bookshelf at all. On the flip side, my corridor is a social area, good friends live all around Main Building, and all I really need the room for is sleeping.

It’s certainly not the worst room I’ve had; nothing compares to living in No-Wing with the privileges of having no corridor and needing a key for toilet access. When I first moved in, my O-Week leaders seemed apologetic. After being a little unsure once they saw my room number, they assured me that while O-Wing might be “isolated”, it was a really “social area”. Initially, I hated the No-Wing room, but as Semester rolled along, I spent more time around my friends and noticed the motel-style living less.

Some people worry about the next room they will have. I found completing the room preference form for the first time mid-last year mildly anxiety inducing. My heart was set on Picken, but how could I decide which floor or building? These questions seemed, at the time, essential. Looking back, I loved my Picken Lawn view, having the option of moving the bed, and being Campbell Fisher’s neighbour as he refined his DJ skills, but I know I would have found things to love in any room I was given.

Now, I feel I’ve almost run the gamut of Ormond rooms. Every area has its quirks and every room a different experience. Nice rooms naturally get more visitors and the dynamics of Ho-Wing and Picken are indescribably different. But the longer I live here, the less I’m worried by my next room. I’ve always been someone who puts a big value on spaces and aesthetics. The redesigned JCR and Academic Centre were part of the reason I picked Ormond and I’ve spent hours in the past choosing my next room. However, now I’ve experienced a one-neighbour room, a collapsing roof, and luxury Gables living, I’m not that concerned by how my next room might be a challenge, because some aspect always makes it worthwhile.

 For those of you moving rooms for the first time, be excited by the gamble of where you will live and with whom. If you’re in No-Wing, please get out. I guarantee you don’t want to do that again.