Sandwich Review

The Triple Decker


If you want a sandwich that’s going to fill you up, this is the one you go for. It’s probably got your protein and dairy intake for the day. Or maybe just your fat intake.

What’s in it? Two slices of white bread, a layer of salami, ham, and chicken. All layers are separated by cheese (half melted), and the middle deck is a piece of wholemeal bread, to keep it nutritious.

Anything to write home about? The cheese and the salami are a pretty overpowering combo when paired with the rest, and it doesn’t go down the hatch particularly easily. But it’s got a certain charm in the novelty of it.

Seconds regret? Yes. Always.


The Game Changer


Whether you’re doing Meat Free May, or are a vegan all year round, this is the sandwich that will fill that ever growing void in your stomach. It may depend on what’s in the salads that day, but this one comes highly recommended.

What’s in it? Cauliflower and sundried tomato (pinched from the salads), on toasted wholemeal bread.

Anything to write home about? Yes, absolutely. Before you bite in you’re confronted with a rich smell, and the sandwich itself is light and tasty. It has a more complex taste than sandwiches that don’t get a little creative with their ingredients.

Seconds regret? Not at all. You may find yourself regretful after your 5th, however.


The Balancing Act


On paper, this sandwich doesn’t sound like it will work, but in practice it has a little something to it. Not a summer food or a winter food, this sandwich is perfect for the middle seasons of the year.

What’s in it? Ham and salami at either end, cheese, and a balancing cucumber and olive combo, on rye bread.

Anything to write home about? Kind of. The sandwich itself could probably do with one less meat. The combination of olives and cucumber compliment, but also compete. It’s a little confusing, but we wouldn’t say no.

Seconds Regret? No, but there are some days when you can only eat so many olives.


Ocean to Earth


If you’re not partial to seafood, maybe let this sandwich pass you by. However if you are, then this dose of Omega 3 is just what you’re looking for. A sandwich stuffed with ingredients comes together surprisingly well.

What’s in it? Tuna, cheese, beetroot, mushroom (for those earthy tones), and spicy capsicum dip for moisture, all on wholemeal bread.

Anything to write home about? The tuna is pretty strong, however the combination of the beetroot and the mushroom really works. You will like the addition of the capsicum dip, which helps keep this puppy moist.

Seconds regret? Potentially. This sandwich is pretty potent.


The Allergist


Can’t eat gluten? Don’t worry; the sandwich bar has you covered. Whilst the slices of bread are often smaller, and a little more crumbly than regular bread, these sandwiches never fail to look cute.

What’s in it? Salami, tomato, mushroom, cucumber, some salad, and a hint of avocado (outside ingredients were brought in). All on gluten free bread.

Anything to write home about? The sandwich feels light because of the fluffiness of the bread, however the bread itself lacks taste. The combination of the salami, tomato and mushroom works, but we suggest really layering on the salami.

Seconds regret? Probably not considering how small these slices are.


The Lazy Suzy


Sometimes, you want both a sandwich, and some hot Alliance food. Sometimes, you’re just too lazy to brave the mayhem that often is the sandwich bar, so you take what you can get. Warning: a lot of dough is involved in this debacle.

What’s in it? A veggie bun. Literally. That’s all that’s in it. A lot of dough and some miscellaneous vegetables in some miscellaneous marinade.

Anything to write home about? Only if you intend on writing home about one of the worst sandwiches ever. It’s chewy, and for a long time you’re just eating dough.

Seconds regret? If you make it through your first round of this sandwich, we’d be impressed.


Rabbit Feed


There are days when you just don’t need meat. It might be hot, or you may have decided the chicken is questionable today, or perhaps you’re vegetarian for real. Either way, this sandwich stands as an example of a good (albeit messy) vego option.

What’s in it? Capsicum dip, rocket, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, cauliflower, onion, and cheese. All on rye bread.

Anything to write home about? The variety in the salad works in its favour, with the lettuce and cucumber giving this sandwich a seriously refreshing hit. However the cheese doesn’t add much, particularly when you aren’t going to toast your salad sandwich. Also, be sure you layer on the dip.

Seconds regret? No. You’ll need two of them.


Carbo Load


Pasta, or sandwich? Now, you don’t have to choose. If you’re willing to get around it, the spaghetti sandwich is the perfect post-workout carbohydrate powerhouse. Yeah, you’re going to get pretty dirty, but you’re not chicken, right?

What’s in it? Spaghetti, Bolognese sauce (with beans), and salami. The salami is really there to pack a little punch at the end. All on white bread.

Anything to write home about? Let’s face it. This sandwich is pretty exhausting. Your bread ends up soggy and falling apart, not to mention the logistical trouble of keeping its innards together. This one feels like a heart attack in a sandwich.

Seconds regret? Yes. Second bite regret for my cholesterol.