The Benefits of Dancing

Posted by | September 26, 2013 | Lighthearted, Ormondian | No Comments

There are many benefits to dancing, a few of which I hope to unveil in this article and validate with empirical, meticulously investigated evidence – as well as personal experience.

Dancing may be defined as rhythmic bodily movement to a beat, ambience, or drug induced euphoria. While it is a common practice among many age, socio-economic, and political groups, it is not often that one sits down with an Irish coffee and a gluten free cookie to think long and hard on the benefits that dancing offers. The list below outlines the four most commonly known (and definite) ways in which dancing improves your quality of life, nay, makes life worth living.

  1. Dancing (and only dancing) aids in the release of endorphins, known in academic circles as ‘nature’s pingers.’
  2. It doubles up as a cardio routine to keep you looking your best.
  3. If you need to impress any chicks (or dudes), dancing is your way in.
  4. It allows one to have a ‘sick time’ in almost any circumstance – except in aisle 4 of the local supermarket (frozen cosmetics and dog fertilizer).

Dancing is not simply a positive addition to your life but benefits those around you. Just think how little you would have to talk about had Miley Cyrus never twerked (the deranged Tasmanian cousin of dancing) upon Robin Thicke’s stripey package. Nothing! Boredom! The walls would close in, life would lose colour, the sweater you love would become a little bit threadbare and you would begin to sabotage any and all relationships you hold dear.

Moreover, shaking and moving eases social tension, leads to increased flexibility, loss of shame and a neat talent that will be the envy of all who see you pullin’ your moves when you’re at da clubz. The only negative that could come of dancing is having far too much fun!


To conclude, the Mental Health Dance Benefit is on soon (Wednesday, 18th of September) and it will confirm every single point that this article has raised regarding the benefits of dancing.