The Real Hero

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A super man lives in the city of Metropolis. He has many interests, some of which are explored in illustrated comical books, but his real talent lies in saving the world –

One article at a time.


In this episode, Clark struggles in the fight against tabloid journalism!

“Damn you Lex (Luther)!” Clark cursed. “Your new plan to kill me using Kryptonite will have to wait – for who knows what terror would unfold if the Daily Planet turned tabloid!” He could not shake the fear of dealing with another atrocity like the Herald Sun!

Clark dashed through the city, block after block, kilometre after kilometre, passing wide-eyed inner-city citizens in search of a phone booth in which he could ditch his ordinary cape, boots and underwear in order to assume his super alter ego: Clark Kent, ace journalist and fighter of tabloid nonsense in the media. As he searched, desperation grew with the thought that iPhones had rendered phone booths quite obsolete. Finally deciding enough was enough, Clark flew home – quick as a bullet – to change, wondering why he had never thought to use the privacy of his own home until now.

“It’s a bird! It’s a plane!”

No! It’s a savvy journalist scrounging the big city for a scoop that could lift the Daily Planet’s content from the dregs of Kim Kardashian, dieting tips and baby names!

Clark arrived at work, 3 minutes late and deserving of a scolding from the chief. But today was not a day to trifle with Clark Kent!

“I refuse to write three more articles on North West!” Clark fumed.

Alas, the chief did not want to hear it and sent Clark home, with no assignment and no work, save editing the filth sent in by Lois: a shallow woman who would not ordinarily give Clark, a truly moral journalist, the time a day but would swoon once his prescription glasses were off. Some women simply did not appreciate everyday heroism.

Suddenly, Clark was struck with an idea – why not interview his nemesis? A villain whose fame was known throughout the city, the country, the world! A candid interview from Lex Luther would surely be a hit! Clark leapt up in excitement, sure that this would mean promotion and perhaps deserved affection from Lois. Once again, Clark darted through the city to deliver the story.

Unfortunately, his secret-identity, ‘Superman’, had been discovered; as had his planet of origin, and due to a crackdown in the department of immigration he was to be deported to Papua New Guinea for working without a visa.




A young man, dealing with life and love in the Big Apple, strives to fulfill his hopes for the world –

Of photography.