The Ultimate Ormondian

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Mouth – Amani Green

Amani means communication. Or so we’re told. Over and over.

Left Eye – Dinu Kumarasinghe

Diversity is a College Value. No one sees the world like Dinu does.

Right Eye – Alex Cameron

The eye of the wooing, like the Basilisk but instead of dying you fall in love.

Nose – Ebony Westman

The life of the party and the party of life, Ebony loves to rail shard off challenging surfaces.

Ears – Caitlin Clifford

Caitlin is a really great listener, especially when she’s the one talking.

Hair – Arthur Rothery

Soft as silk with a bounce like a hopped up kangaroo, Arthur’s hair is the envy of the shampoo and conditioner industry.

Forehead – Will Mosley

For most, the forehead is a wasted stretch of face. With his, Mosley commands a room.

Jaw – Matt Brown

Matt has often said the basis of a good relationship is mutual trust, friendship and stellar facial structure.

Cheek bones – Jules O’Donnell

A man is only as good as the height of his cheekbones, and Jules is one of the goodest and the highest.